Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about riding in the ATV Capital of the World.

Where can I park my truck and ATV trailer in Gillett?ATV parking at Zippel Park
Zippel Park in the center of Gillett has plenty of space for parking your trucks and ATV trailers while you’re out on the trail. The park is located at 150 N. McKenzie Street. When you return from your ride, you can sit around a picnic table to enjoy your lunch and let the kids play at the playground. Restrooms at the park are open daily in the summer.

Is there a fee for parking?
No. Parking is free at Zippel Park.

What amenities are at or near to Zippel Park?
Restaurants, gas stations, lodging, public restrooms, showers, retail stores, a campground, grill and picnic areas. Spend your day in Gillett!

Where can I get on the trails in Gillett?
Trails depart to the north and to the south of Gillett. Watch for trail signs to find your way to the nearest trail.

Where can I find an ATV trail map?
Trail maps are available at City Hall, 150 N. McKenzie Street. If City Hall is closed, maps are available at Nicolet Trail Campground, 310 E. Washington Street. City Hall and Nicolet Trail Campground are within walking distance of the parking lot at Zippel Park.

Is there a fee for trail riding?ATV parked in Gillett
No. ATV/UTV trail riding is free.

What streets in the city of Gillett are open to ATVs/UTVs?
All of the city streets in Gillett are open to ATV/UTV use with the exception of Highway 22 and County BB (Main Street). Look for signs designating which streets are open to ATV/UTV travel. Please stay on marked trails and routes only.

When are the ATV trails open?
Trails are open May 1 to October 31 in Wisconsin.

Do I need a trail pass?

Where can I find out about trail conditions?
For the latest trail information, visit or call 888-626-6862.

Do I need to register my ATV for use on public trails?
Yes. To access the most current information about ATV/UTV registration requirements, visit Riders can also take advantage of Free Registration Weekend, scheduled every year on the first full weekend in June, when ATVs and UTVs are exempt from registration and trail pass requirements.

How does the trail locator numbering system work?ATV parade in woods
Know where you are on the trails by using the Oconto County Trail Locator Numbering System. Intersections and significant waypoints are assigned a 3-digit number and GPS location.

How can I get more involved with Gillett ATV/UTV riding?
Join the Gillett Sno & ATV Riders club. The club advocates for ATV use in the area and maintains an ATV trail system from the Green Valley area in the south to the Suring area north of Gillett. Visit for more information.

Do I need to wear a helmet?
All ATV/UTV operators and passengers under the age of 18 are required to wear a minimum DOT standard ATV or motorcycle helmet. Bicycle helmets do not meet this requirement. Adults are encouraged to set a good example and always wear a helmet, even though they aren’t legally required to do so. A majority of ATV/UTV deaths in Wisconsin involve operators who were not wearing helmets.

Can children drive or ride ATV/UTVs on public trails?
ATV and UTV operators born on or after Jan. 1, 1988, who are at least 12 years old for ATV (and at least 16 years old for UTV) must complete an ATV and UTV safety certification course in order to operate on public trails in Wisconsin. Operators must carry this safety certificate when riding the trails. All ATV safety certified operators age 12-15 must also be accompanied by an adult while operating on a designated ATV route. Certified operators may transport passengers. Department of Natural Resources recreational safety specialists recommend all ATV and UTV operators complete a safety course.

Still have questions about ATV/UTV riding?
You are invited to email your questions to the deputy clerk/treasurer at the Gillett City Hall,

Here are several good resources for the answers to your questions regarding ATV/UTV riding in the Gillett area:
Oconto County Tourism, Economic Development

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Gillett Sno ATV Riders

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